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Great Wall of China, Facts, Pictures

The great land of china offers many things including, rich culture, nature beauty, marvellous surrounding, outstanding history and the one of the seven wonders of the world, which is commonly known as “The Great Wall of China“. By historically and culturally, this wall has great importance in the history as well as development of China. It was firstly constructed by the order of the Emperor Qin Shi Huang due to safety of inland of China. But with the passage of time, many emperors had been developing the wall since the time of its beginning.

Nowadays, the great Wall of China is the symbol of China which attracts thousands of tourist toward a country. This great wall has many parts despite its length, from Busy Badaling to scenic Mutianyu, from hike along Jinshanling to wild HuanghuaCheng, this wall has great entertainment for the tourists who want to search history with the adventure. Beside the adventure, many sections have the catering services for tourist, where one can fulfill his appetite with the hiking on the wall.

If someone is hurry, he should visit Juyongguan’s part of wall, which is preserved like old times and gives great view of ancient empire of china. But on the other side, Badaling’s section is great interest for those who have time and enthusiastic spirit to explore the area. This area has great surroundings and other facilities. At last, no matter wherever you go, the great wall of China has many things to offer which can make anyone’s day.