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Greenfield Beach, Australia Attractions

Australia has some of the world’s best beaches and with over 30,000 miles of a spectacular coastline no wonder the country boasts such a fine collection of these beachy paradises. From the calm and serene white sanded coves and beaches to crystal clear waters stretched out to infinity and beyond… truly a treat for a traveler.

Greenfield Beach, Australia is one of the best spots on these coast lines, located at a drive of about 3 hours from the Australian heart-throb Sydney. Tucked away right behind the beach itself is a picnic spot that is very popular amongst tourists and families alike, the clean sandy beaches and the clear sparkling water with the soothing beats of the waves touching the shore is an awe-inspiring sight. The sunrises and sunsets are absolutely phenomenal here, it’s when Mother Nature herself puts on a remarkable lightshow, with a brilliant and vivid display of colors spread across the sky, and a loved one by your side what more can you ask for?

The Greenfield Beach has been named after Colin Greenfield who called it his home, and lived here from about 1942 until the later 1970s. While you are here, you can have the time of your life, grab on a hat, some shades and a picnic basket and gear up for a great day… with the unfathomable heat in Australia nothing beats beating the heat, on the beach! Whattey tongue twister, much like the beauty of the one and only Greenfield Beach!

So if you are planning for a good lunch? Or may be the adventurist in you wants to explore the uncharted? Do maybe some bird watching, trekking a little in the nearing and sensually natural terrain, building sandcastles or going for a dip in the open waters, the possibilities are endless. The beach is a great spot for educational experiences with your kids too, with the informative panels laid all over the beach, the straw sheds, lush green trees to give you shade when you have had enough sun bathing and the chance to photograph all of this makes it an ever more breath taking experience.